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Some of the benefits of learning via WhatsApp

Some of the benefits of learning via WhatsApp By Ustaadh Marwan Abbaadi al-Maghribi

WhatsApp, is a blessing among the blessings [of Allah] particularly, for he who uses it in good, for it is a double-edged sword. Therefore glad-tidings for the one who uses it in seeking beneficial knowledge and righteous action. And a witness to this is what we are in of goodness and learning Quran by way of this easy means and to Allah belongs all praises and favors. Among the benefits of studying via WhatsApp which is have seen in our blessed group - with Allah's will - are: Overcoming the issue of Time Zone difference, between the student's country and the teacher's country. For example the Time Zone difference between the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and America is 8 hours, which make it difficult to arrange a suitable time for both sides (the student and the teacher). And it becomes more difficult, with numerous students. Accordingly, the student can choose the best of his time to recite, prepare himself before it, and make himself ready to learn the most honored speech. And among the most virtuous times is; after Subh (Fajr) prayer, so one begins his day with reciting Quran, and prepares for it by listening to the recitation of some proficient reciters such as Shaykh Ali ibn Abur-Rahman Al Hudhaifi - May Allah preserve him - and he is one of the salafi reciters and scholars, as mentioned by our shaykh Ubaid Al Jabiri - May Allah preserve him -. Similarly, when he receives [the correction of] the mistakes he made in his recitation, so he corrects them well, and repeats them to avoid them in his future recitations. Likewise, for the teacher who can choose the best of his times for correction, when he feels open to listening, pointing out the mistakes, and clarifying them with details, according to his [the student's] effort and capacity. So he clarifies the mistakes of the beginner according to his level, and likewise for the intermediate. From its benefits as well, is taking more advantage from the time, so the student can learn in a short time that which he may not be able to learn with live lessons, and this is proven by experience, notably for those who study with us in our group, as they can recite more than they would think they are able to recite during live sessions. And amongst them is that voice recording in better than live call, as it records everything and allows the teacher to listen to the student's recitation more than once, and to better notice the most, unlike live teaching; if the teacher gets distracted by something he may miss an Ayah or two and the mistakes that may have occurred therein. From the benefits is also that studying via WhatsApp allows to the student to save (the recordings of) all his mistakes and the teacher's remarks to a file, from which he can benefit later. Amongst them is that studying via WhatsApp does not prevent you from benefiting, while in the Masjid, lying down at home, at the traffic light waiting for the green light, during a family outing, or at any time and (pure) place, where you wish reciting, benefiting, or listening to the (teacher's) remarks, you can do so easily, an all praise is due to Allah. And from them is that group study benefits the student with being aware and listening to all the records and remarks that the teacher mentions to every student, so his (the student's) benefits would increase. From the benefits as well is that - undoubtedly - WhatsApp has became a very famous mean of connection between people due to the goodness therein (with taking caution of the evil) and its ability to make life easier. Accordingly, the successful is he who gives a great portion of using this application to studying the book of Allah, learning it, memorizing it, and learning and memorizing the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (May Allah exalt his mention and grant him safety) and the lessons of the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah, may Allah preserve the living and have mercy of the deceased. Written by your brother/ Abu Abdir-Rahman Marwaan ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad Al Abbadi Al Maghribi

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