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Advice for non-Arabic speakers who want to learn Arabic - Shaykh Aboo Maariyah Ahmad bin Fathi

Question posed by Abu Anas Atif Hasan

Question: What is your advice to the non-Arabic speaker who wants to learn arabic and he/she is in the beginning stages of their studies?

Answer: From my experience regarding this matter, I strongly advise if one wants to learn Arabic truly that (he gets) and sticks with a skillful, well grounded teacher even if it costs him some money because this affair requires sacrifice because he will truly learn. As for taking lessons, here and there - he will not obtain much and this itself is what we advise our brothers who are people of other languages.

They say: practice, engagement, sticking to and accompanying. Therefore the teacher will explain the rules, and have lessons of conversation and he hears the person and the person hears him and corrects him and so on. And this is what I always do with my non-Arab speaking brothers up until now, some of them are studying as-shi'ir al-Jaahilee (poetry before the time of Islam) and literature and before years ago they originally could not speak Arabic, but as I mentioned sticking to, accompanying, and practicing with a sound well grounded (teacher).

Shawwal 25, 1438 H/ 7/19/2017

Shaykh Aboo Maariyah is from the mashaaykh and students of knowledge in Egypt who the father shaykh Hasan al-Banna advised to take knowledge and benefit from.

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