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- A student must be on the arranged time, and try not be late as much as he can. 


- If student wants to cancel the lesson, he should send a message to teacher at least 24 hrs before the lesson and if not possible 3 to 4 hours before schedule lesson.


- If student does not send an message to cancel the lesson within the stipulated time above, it will be written as a lesson.


- If teacher needs to cancel the lesson, then teacher or admin will send an message saying 24 hrs or 3 to 4 hours before the lesson at least. 


- The student can miss 2 lessons per month with excuse and this is the maximum, more than this will be considered from his time.


- In case teacher comes online and don't find the student online, he/she will wait for 15 minutes.


- If the student does not come, it will be written as a lesson.


- In case teacher is late, the student will wait 15 minutes, if teacher does not come communicate with teacher to have the lesson another day or the missed days can be deducted from next months payment if the days are not made up.


- In case the student wants to quit studying after paying in advance, then it's only possible for him to take his money back as long as he is in the first week of studying, once the second week starts then no refunds will be issued.The one time registration fees also are non-refundable.

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