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Shortening the madd (i.e. elongation) in the verse of surah al-Faatihah ولا الضآلّين - Shaykh Aboo M


Our shaykh what is the ruling in shorting the madd (i.e. elongation) in ayah (i.e. verse) ولا الضآلّين wa la dhaalleen, in surah al-Faatihah? Is this from those mistakes which are considered unnoticed/small/hidden and the one who does it is not sinful?


It is not permissible while it is from those mistakes which are unnoticed/hidden, the one who does it intentionally and knowingly is sinful.


Is this madd an obligatory 6 counts which must be done?



Question asked and translated by Abu Anas Atif Hasan

Shawwal 29. 1438/ July 23, 2017


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