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Our new discounted classes have been made available for students who can not afford to pay for our regular fees 


Men, women and children 

One on one - $8 per hour 
Group of 2 -
$6 per hour 
Group of 3 -
$5 per hour 


 $5 per 30 minute session 
$8 per hour 

To register for these classes please use the below form

For arabic classes there is a one time $10 registration fee  

Thanks! Message sent. We will be in contact with you soon inshaAllah

For your convenience you may pay for all of your discounted classes here

Al-Binaa Quran & Arabic has introduced a new way of learning Quran. This method does not require a lot of time and very beneficial for learning how to recite properly. We have children as well as adults in our program and are progressing. 



Method of sessions - Just submit your recordings by whatsapp through out the week and wait for the ustaadh to give you your corrections. The recordings maybe saved and referred back to anytime needed. Brother Abu Anas Atif Hasan will also be active in the groups for translating the points needed for each student as well as assisting each student along the way. Join us now for only $26 a month 

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